You can find Hodo products at Whole Foods and Target.
You can find Hodo products at Whole Foods and Target.Handout

Eating vegan or gluten free got a lot easier and more delicious with this company’s line of plant-based ready-to-eat offerings. Hodo’s clean-label, minimally processed, whole plant-based burgers, nuggets, noodles, and tofu cubes are high in protein and crafted with a minimum of fairly simple organic ingredients in flavorful combinations spiked with tasty herbs and spices. Hodo is the plant-based protein provider for Chipotle, sweetgreen, Sunbasket, and a number of vegan and high-end restaurants, but these eat-at-home offerings make no attempt to look like meat and are just honestly fresh and healthy tasting. Made of tofu from high-grade soybeans, the burgers (we especially liked the Cajun spiced) hold up well to a quick sauté to go straight onto a plate or in a bun. The Spicy Noodles have a chewy denseness flavored with chilis, ginger, garlic, and orange peel. The delicately seasoned Moroccan Tofu Cubes heat up quickly to throw into rice bowls, salads, noodles. With generous “best by” dates, these are great products to have on hand for a quick meal or snack, and the nuggets and burgers freeze nicely as well, with little compromise to texture. Products start at $4.99. Available at online and at Whole Foods and Target, among other retailers.



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