We want to know how this global pandemic is affecting you, so we can provide better coverage to all readers. Below are different ways you can inform our stories, so we can better tell yours.

As always, we are deeply grateful for anything you provide. A reporter could be in touch at any point to learn more.

1. What questions do you have about the coronavirus? Here are some we have already answered. As well as some answered by experts.

2. Have you or a loved one visited the hospital for the coronavirus? Tell us about your experience here.


3. Doctors: Have you tried to get a patient tested for coronavirus? What has your experience been?

4. Parents: What are your tips for working from home with your kids?

5. In your own words: How is the coronavirus affecting you?

6. We want your ‘postcards’ from the pandemic. We all are living with this outbreak in different ways in our own separate spaces. What’s working for you or bringing you solace?

Send us a photo and a caption if you feel like sharing what you are doing to weather the pandemic. And if you’d prefer not to share a photo, send us your “snapshot” in prose — 100 words or less. E-mail: letter@globe.com.