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Blind date: ‘Airport time is fake and you can drink any time’

Will these nightclub aficionados sign on for romance?

Molly Tyler and Jurgen Kameniku.
Molly Tyler and Jurgen Kameniku.Handout

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MOLLY TYLER: 27 / consultant

Notable qualities: She’s been to six continents

Her talents: She makes a great PowerPoint deck

JURGEN KAMENIKU: 26 / director of process improvement

Last thing he read: Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Notable qualities: He’s good at the limbo



Molly I listened to a Ringer podcast on my way. I almost stopped at Clerys to grab a beer, but thought that would be overkill.


Jurgen It was a busy day at work. On the ride there, I was thinking of potential conversations.

Molly He was good looking, seemed fit. I got up to say “hey,” but hit myself on the booth (embarrassing). He put down his stuff and we hugged.

Jurgen I thought she had a great smile. I was a fan of the denim jacket, always a classic look.


Molly He started talking about his crazy day at work. I actually love talking about work, so the conversation flowed quickly. I ordered a spicy margarita and he got the same.

Jurgen We talked about how we both had recently moved back to Boston, our work, recent trips, Boston sports, and night life in Vegas and Miami. It felt like we could have chatted for hours.

Molly I realized this guy gets it when he told a story about ordering drinks at 8 a.m. on a flight to Vegas and sitting next to this woman who totally judged him. Airport time is fake and you can drink any time.

Jurgen We started with chips and guac and salsa. The waiter recommended tacos, so we got two each. Everything was fresh and the service was friendly.


Molly The drinks were good. I started with something the waiter recommended, but ended with my trusty vodka soda.

Jurgen I could see why we were matched. We shared an interest in soccer, skiing, sports betting, and electronic dance music. I felt like I was talking to another version of myself.

Molly We realized we had probably crossed paths at the Envoy roof deck in summer 2018. We also discussed our embarrassing affinity for night life. We didn’t call ourselves “club people,” but we definitely both enjoy the vibes. He said since he was European, clubs are just in his blood, but I don’t know what my excuse is.

Jurgen I felt more comfortable as the night went on, since a lot of the conversation resonated with me.


Molly I only wanted to leave once I realized it was almost 10 and I had an early morning workout. He asked for my number and I gave him a hug. Totally good time, just didn’t feel the chemistry.

Jurgen From the moment I met her, there was no physical attraction, so the evening turned into a chill hangout. From the experience, I realize that you first need a physical attraction before assessing whether you match on a personal level. I thought that she would be a really fun friend.


Molly I’d be down to hang again. He texted me saying we should go clubbing soon.

Jurgen I don’t see another date. But I would definitely hang out as friends.



Molly / B+

Jurgen / A-