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Dishes you can make with what’s on hand

Homemade Hummus, Tomato Soup, Old-fashioned Sugar Cookies
Homemade Hummus, Tomato Soup, Old-fashioned Sugar CookiesPhotos by Sheryl Julian for The Boston Globe

By Week 2 at home, you’ve probably settled into some sort of lunch and dinner routine, or at least wish you had one. Don’t give up on having some fun in the kitchen, taking stock of your goods, and figuring out what improvisational wonders you can come up with. This week’s recipes, from our archives, include hummus that whirs for two minutes to turn exceptionally creamy, homemade tomato soup that’s a million times better than canned, and very crisp, old-fashioned sugar cookies that little hands can roll into balls if you’ve got young assistants in the kitchen. As always, feel free to omit or substitute ingredients, and turn these formulas upside-down. Your culinary instincts will guide you.


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