Key metrics the state is monitoring for reopening

The Boston skyline.
The Boston skyline.Maddie Meyer/Getty

The state, in its reopening plan, detailed key metrics it is following to determine whether it’s safe to gradually loosen restrictions intended to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The charts below show the trends in four measures cited by officials as key to moving the state through the multi-phase reopening plan. They’ve warned that if the trends in these charts show the virus spreading again, the state could have to step back a phase, or certain sectors of the economy could be closed.

Note: This page previously showed an infographic with the six key health indicators the state is using to gauge reopening. That graphic has been removed until there is sufficient information about the data that the state is using to update those indicators.


State officials also said they would be posting a dashboard every week on the state’s progress.

The criteria on the dashboard will include: COVID-19 positive test rate; number of individuals who died from COVID-19; number of patients with COVID-19 in hospitals; health care system readiness; test capacity, and contact tracing capabilities.

The current status of each criteria is each given a green, yellow, or red light rating, indicating “positive trend,” “in progress,” or “negative trend.”

Four of the criteria are shown as yellow, or “in progress," in the report, while the positive test rate and testing capacity measures were shown as green, or on a “positive trend.”

Marylou Sudders, health and human services secretary, said the state would also be adding additional elements to the data it releases on a daily basis.

Asked if he would stop the reopening if any of the measures turned red, Governor Charlie Baker indicated there was no single number that would rule whether the state moves from phase to phase.

“The way I would describe the metrics ... is the reason there’s not one and the reason there’s six is because they operate as a package,” he said at a news conference unveiling the “Reopening Massachusetts” plan.


He said he was going to rely on expert advice “with respect to how to interpret these numbers as we move forward.”

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