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The Questions featuring Justin Levy

Justin Levy, 17, is a photographer and videographer. His life is a beautiful resistance.
Justin Levy, 17, is a photographer and videographer. His life is a beautiful resistance.Justin Levy (Custom credit)

Our young have always led us into the future, heads high, fighting for the change they know we need.

Justin Levy is among them. Growing up in Newton, he learned the power of pictures by playing with an old iPod touch in the fifth grade. Now 17, he’s an intern for Windy Films and uses stories to speak the truth of the moment through video and photography.

“Both photography and videography have allowed me to use my voice in unconventional ways,” he said. “They allow me to step beyond the shadows, while I’m still behind the scenes. Through pictures and videos the camera creates and allows stories of grace, discord and everything in between to be told.”


What does a beautiful resistance mean to you?

To me, a beautiful resistance illustrates the eloquence in protest. An individual’s freedom to express their sentiments, regardless of how it will be perceived. When one overcomes the strength of their conviction and are moved to share their beliefs publicly and passionately without regards to recourse.

Being a Black teen in New England is:

Knowing your limits placed by society, yet still pushing the boundaries, defying the odds and above all doing your absolute best. For example, society may have placed limitations on the Black and brown youth, however, we still push through and push forward to be our best self.

In this moment, what is your greatest joy or hope?

My greatest joy comes from my two younger brothers, who not only motivate me, but inspire me to stay true to who I am.

Follow Levy on Instagram at @styvarts.

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