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Premade cocktail mixes make sipping simple

Simple Sips mixes.Handout

Simple Sips allows you to make cocktails at home that go beyond a simple stir or shake for a martini or Manhattan. The Boston company provides a happy shortcut — premade mixes made with fresh ingredients for craft cocktails. The blends combine herb-infused syrups, fresh juices, and fruit purees with lush textures. You simply add your own spirits to create concoctions we would likely never conjure up on our own — or make the effort to gather all the ingredients. “I make the mixes as restaurants do,” says founder Elaina Repucci, a former fashion designer and “cocktail enthusiast.” She introduced the company over two years ago, and now several area bars and caterers use her mixes for specialty drinks. There are half-dozen choices with cheeky names, such as Pear Pressure, which includes pureed pear, vanilla bean, and lemon juice. Current Obsession combines blood orange puree, red currant, lime, fresh basil; Lei’d Back, mixes guava, orange, and lime juices, coconut, almond, and vanilla bean, while Smokin’ Hot has mango and passion fruit, jalapeno, Thai chili, and a smoky tea. The bottles’ back label offers recipes and suggests the spirits to add, with options for bubbly wine or soda water for mocktails. Each 16-ounce bottle (about $16) can make at least five drinks. Available at Social Wines, 52 W. Broadway, Boston, 617-268-2974; Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet. 538 Main St., Melrose, 781-665-3332; Rapid Liquors, 171 Main St., Stoneham, 781-438-0595, or order at drinksimplesips.com.



Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.