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Presumption of innocence abandoned, damage done on City Council

Councilor Ricardo Arroyo (center) talked to Ed Flynn, Boston City Council president (right), and Alex Geourntas, city clerk, during a recess Aug. 31 at the first City Hall meeting since Flynn stripped Arroyo of his chairmanships and his vice presidency after reports surfaced of years-old sexual assault allegations.Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

Your readers may disagree about the substance of the allegations against Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo and about the role of racism in his being stripped of his committee chairmanships (“City Council struggles with more dysfunction: Accusations of racism expose a deepening rift,” Page A1, Sept. 30). However, we should all recognize the damage done to our society and polity when we abandon the presumption of innocence and reject due process.

Kate Auspitz