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In face of climate threat, enough talk of ‘trade-offs’ from developers

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu engaged in a Q&A with chamber CEO Jim Rooney after giving her first speech to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce at the Sheraton Boston Sept. 29.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Bravo to Mayor Michelle Wu for continuing to fight for our life-sustaining atmosphere (“Boston’s net-zero emissions zoning raises concerns with developers,” Business, Oct. 1).

Jim Rooney, CEO of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, says that net-zero emissions goals in city zoning “come with trade-offs.” Well, of course they do. For decades now, real estate developers, with our city government standing firmly by their side, have been trading a stable climate for their convenience and profits. Fossil fuel companies have been doing the same.

Everyone has seen enough dangerously hot days, hurricanes, and storm surges. We are well past the time to flip the balance on those “trade-offs” and prioritize the health and safety of humans and other living things.


Lauren Ockene

Jamaica Plain