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GOP candidate makes state auditor race one to watch

Charlie Baker greeted GOP candidate for auditor Anthony Amore April 9 in Swampscott as the governor arrived to lend his support.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

This Democrat likes what he sees in Anthony Amore

Jeff Jacoby’s recent column on Anthony Amore, Republican candidate for state auditor, couldn’t be more spot-on (“An all-Democratic government needs a Republican watchdog,” Opinion, Sept. 21). A few weeks ago, I had the chance, at my son’s request, to walk Amore through my neighborhood for the South Boston Street Festival. I found him engaged with our friends, thoughtful when asked about his positions, and appreciative of the time others took to give him a chance as a Republican campaigning in Boston.

I am a lifelong Democrat who will be voting for Maura Healey for governor. At the same time, I appreciate Amore’s message that checks and balances will be needed at some level after Governor Charlie Baker leaves office. I believe we can count on him to be respectful of our tax dollars as well as democracy, something many Republicans seem to struggle with these days.


The fact that Baker, by endorsing Amore, trusts him to fulfill the role of state auditor is something Democrats should consider this fall.

Is total control of state government by one party too much of a good thing? Maybe we will find out.

Timothy Smyth Sr.

South Boston

The writer is a former assistant district attorney for Worcester County and served as executive director of the Boston Retirement System. The views expressed here are his own. His son was a candidate for the Republican State Committee in 2021.

Hard to get behind any Republican in these times

I enjoyed Jeff Jacoby’s recent column suggesting that we should all get behind Anthony Amore for the state auditor’s office, on the grounds that Republicans have no shot at any other statewide office and that this gives them some sort of credibility for this one (“An all-Democratic government needs a Republican watchdog”). While in some abstract sense Amore might be qualified for the position, the fact is that nobody in 2022 looks to a Republican for (Jacoby’s words) “moderate,” “clear-headed,” or, least of all, “reality-based.”


I also appreciated Jacoby’s attempt to pass Charlie Baker off as the model of someone “interested in efficient government.” The man who essentially set the T on fire with his policy of malign neglect forfeited any claim to managerial expertise.

Jon Kiparsky