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Stan Grossfeld

Photos: One last look back at the 2022 Red Sox season

It was better that fans at the Red Sox' on-field photo day faced away from the Green Monster, where the standings showed their team in last place.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But if you had to describe the 2022 last-place Red Sox season in one word for a family newspaper — no expletives, please — what would it be?


Globe photojournalist Stan Grossfeld took a last look at the season before the cellar door closed.

Father Paul O’Brien, pastor of St. Patrick Parish in Lawrence, conducted a Sunday morning service for players and staff at Fenway Park in August.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
In a late September game, Rafael Devers bemoaned a pitch he just missed. Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
A baseball left its mark on the Green Monster, but that one didn't have a ton of company this season.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
A Yankees fan was congratulated by a Red Sox fan after Aaron Judge hit his 56th and 57th home runs at Fenway Park on Sept. 13.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
Andrew Benintendi, a member of the 2018 Red Sox World Series championship team, returned to Fenway Park as a Yankee for the first time last month.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
Jarren Duran, the center fielder who incurred the wrath of fans for not hustling after a ball he lost in the twilight sky, was not happy as he struggled at the plate in mid-August.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
Nate Eovaldi returned from the second of two stints on the injured list to pitch in one of the last games of the season.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
The Red Sox took batting practice before a late September game against Baltimore, one of the AL East opponents against which Boston struggled all season.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
Manager Alex Cora got a helping hand after taking fielding practice with the team. He was wearing a T-shirt in support of his native Puerto Rico after it was hit by a hurricane. It reads: “I will not give up."Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
J.D. Martinez gestured skyward after hitting a game-winning home run against the Orioles in late September.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
The Sox bullpen was a real disappointment this season with 27 blown saves.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
Rafael Devers covered his face with his helmet after making an out against the Orioles.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
One good thing about being in last place is tickets were cheap and room plentiful. Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
Shortstop Xander Bogaerts celebrated the last out in a win against the Baltimore Orioles with a high kick.Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

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