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Dunkin’ just rolled out a new rewards program, and some customers aren’t happy

The new ‘Dunkin’ Rewards’ has customers spending $50 to get a free coffee — $10 more than the previous system.

A Dunkin' store at Washington and East Berkeley streets in Boston.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

If you opened your Dunkin’ app this week hoping to snag a coffee and earn some rewards toward a free beverage, you might be disappointed. And you’re not alone.

The popular Massachusetts-based coffee giant rolled out a new version of its in-app customer rewards system this week, officially announcing the rollout of “Dunkin’ Rewards” in a press release on Thursday. And not everyone is pleased with the changes.

Previously, app users would be rewarded with a “DD Perks free beverage reward” after spending a certain amount of money on various Dunkin’ purchases. But with the new system, customers will need to spend a little more to earn their free beverage of choice.


Previously, users who accumulated $40 worth of points were treated to a free beverage — their choice — of any size. Now, 500 points — or $50 spent — gets you a coffee, of any size, hot or iced.

And if you want a beverage beyond a standard coffee, you’ll need to spend even more. A free Dunkin’ Refresher, hot or iced espresso, or Cold Brew will run you 700 points, or $70. And while you can now claim a frozen coffee drink as your treat, you’ll need 900 points ($90) to redeem one.

Many Dunkin’ users who were unimpressed with the changes took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

Despite the general dislike for the changes from Dunkin’ customers, there is a bright side. Food.

Unlike before, customers will now be able to use rewards points to unlock free food items, including classic doughnuts, bagels, and various breakfast sandwiches.

And for true Dunks devotees, there’s even more: an all-new “Boosted Status,” a special loyalty tier for customers who make 12 purchases in one month. Boosted Status gives customers 12 points for every $1 spent, a 20 percent bump from the standard rewards system.


For those those looking for a quick bite, the new rewards system also has its benefits. App users can grab a free three-count of Munchkins, an order of hash browns, or an espresso shot in their drink after spending $15 in the app.

But for customers counting on snagging their favorite specialty beverage for free, it just got a little pricier.

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