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It’ll be a fall weekend with something to offer night and day

A person and dog took a morning walk in South Boston at Pleasure Bay on Friday.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

By early afternoon Friday, the temperature at Logan Airport was already over 70 degrees, above average for the time of year and certainly bringing folks outside for lunch.

We are headed into a holiday weekend that is incredibly popular for fall activities — by some accounts the traffic heading in and out of Northern New England this weekend is as heavy as it would be on any summer one. With foliage at its peak in the northern areas and coming on strong to the south it’s just a great weekend to take advantage of autumn.

Get to those local orchards early in the day when crowds are lightest and be sure to bring a warm jacket earlier in the day.


The weather is going to cooperate right through Monday. A cold front will slip offshore overnight Friday, allowing cooler Canadian air to arrive. When you get up Saturday morning there will be a notable crispness outside and temperatures will slowly rise only into the 50s for the afternoon. I’m expecting some morning cloudiness but the trend will be for complete sunshine during the afternoon.

With very dry air and lighter winds in place, temperature Saturday night will quickly tumble.

For Sunday morning, inland areas well away from the shore can experience a light frost. The first frost of the season tends not to be a killing one but if you have tender vegetation and live in an area prone to an early chill you should either cover the plants or bring them inside. This is especially true for any of those tropicals.

Widespread 30s are likely Sunday morning as Canadian air takes over.NOAA

Sunday and Monday are very similar days. You can expect a lot of sunshine along with temperatures at, or even a little above, 60 degrees in the afternoon. The mornings will not be as chilly so frost should be an issue.


After a cold start, temperatures reach the 60s on Sunday afternoon this weekend.NOAA

The nights have certainly overtaken the days with the sunrise this weekend around 6:50 and sun setting at about 6:10. This gives an opportunity to check out the night sky where there are several interesting happenings.

There’s actually a meteor shower taking place on Oct. 8 and 9 called the Draconids, but because of the full hunter’s moon, unless the meteor hours are much greater than expected you probably won’t see them. It’s kind of a sleeper shower, not many folks know about it.

Saturn and Jupiter are bright enough that you can spot them in the evening sky and the luminosity of Mars has now increased quite a bit — it is best seen just after midnight next week.

Mars will be easily visible in the night sky next week.Earthsky.org

Venus, which is our brightest planet, is actually undergoing a transition from the morning to evening sky so it’s actually not visible right now. The darker the sky, the easier all of these celestial bodies can be seen. It will be closely aligned beyond the sun as seen from the Earth on Oct. 22, as it transitions from the morning to the evening sky.

Jupiter is easily spotted this weekend close to the nearly full Hunter Moon.Earthsky.org

Meanwhile, Saturn and Jupiter are prominent in the early-evening sky, while Mars is best seen during the late evening/post-midnight timeframe.