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Jim Braude stepping down from ‘Greater Boston’ hosting duties on GBH-TV

Jim Braude.Dina Rudick/Globe Staff/file

Jim Braude, the host of “Greater Boston” on GBH-TV, is leaving the show at year’s end but will keep co-hosting the popular midday Boston Public Radio program on GBH-FM, station officials said Friday.

Braude said Friday morning in an e-mail he was grateful for having “this forum for the past near-decade. I’ve learned a lot from the thousands of conversations on Greater Boston and hope the people who tuned in have, too. But in the end, pandemic TV and I were just not a good match. So, see you on the radio.”

Pam Johnston, general manager for news at both the TV and radio stations, said the move was Braude’s decision.


Johnston described Braude as a “unique talent.”

“He brings a lot of gravitas and intelligence to both shows, and I’m thrilled he’ll be staying with us,” as co-host of Boston Public Radio with Margery Eagan, Johnston said. “We look forward to kind of reimagining what Greater Boston is for future audiences.”

She said the station will “ask our audience, quite frankly,” how Greater Boston can best serve the region going forward. It hasn’t been decided if the show will keep the same title when a new host takes over, Johnston added.

She said the “in-depth interviews” that are the program’s stock in trade will continue no matter who’s hosting.

“We have not yet started a formal search” for Braude’s replacement, Johnston said. “But we will, and that absolutely could come from within our newsroom or within the market. We’re also going to be looking nationally for the very best talent for this very unique opportunity.”

Asked to cite one trait the new host must have, Johnston said, “top-notch interviewing skills,” which she said Braude had demonstrated throughout his tenure.

“I can’t thank him enough and I can’t celebrate him enough,” Johnston said.


Axios first reported on Braude’s move.

Braude has hosted the television program since 2015 and co-hosted the radio program with Eagan since 2013.

The 73-year-old former political activist-turned-media-personality is one of the best known broadcast brands in the market, known for cordially but pointedly jousting with lawmakers, governors, and candidates who come on his programs.

Prior to joining the the public broadcaster, Braude hosted a popular political news program on NECN and also had a stint at WTKK-FM radio. The former Cambridge city councilor began his professional life as a lawyer, working as a legal aid attorney in the South Bronx and founding a union for such advocates representing the poor in 35 states, according to his bio on the GBH website.

Some fans took to social media Friday to share their reactions to the news of Braude’s impending departure from his public TV gig.

“Great interviewer; relentless; unbiased,” said Boston public relations executive Dominic Slowey via Twitter.

Alex Goldstein, another local PR pro and former Deval Patrick aide, suggested via Twitter that James “Jimmy” Hills, who hosts the Java With Jimmy program, should assume Braude’s television hosting duties.

“I hereby nominate @javawithJimmy to take over Greater Boston,” Goldstein tweeted. “Also mazel tov to @jimbraude on a fantastic run!”

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