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Parenting Unfiltered is growing up

We’re expanding coverage to older kids, and we want to hear from you

These boots were made for walking. Next week you’ll see a new logo and tag line: “Candid conversations about being a parent in Greater Boston.”GLOBE STAFF

Parenting Unfiltered is getting a facelift next week — not ‘RHONY’ style, just a little upgrade.

First, you’ll see a new logo and tag line: “Candid conversations about being a parent in Greater Boston.”

For a while, I’d been focusing the newsletter on parents of kids 12 and under. But this began to feel restrictive, especially when so many of you were getting in touch about issues like high school bullying and violence, anxiety and depression due to academic pressure, cutthroat sports, eating disorders, the price of college (seriously — who is paying for this?), middle school cliques, tech addiction, and more.


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That said, the content of the newsletters will remain the same, with a focus on the things we think about but maybe don’t always verbalize. In the coming weeks, there will be newsletters on postpartum depression and psychosis, how to be an anti-racist, the strange diplomacy of navigating special education plans, and supporting kids through divorce.

But there’s also lighter stuff! You’ll still find weekly event recommendations, places to steal away for adult time, and more.

Last but definitely not least: I’m adding a feature with a topical weekly parenting question, with a forum for your opinions. You can respond at our new Parenting Unfiltered e-mail address: I definitely don’t have all the parenting answers (just ask my kids), and neither do the experts I interview for these stories.

I want to hear from families about their own lived experiences and advice, and I want to share what you’re thinking about in the newsletter with our broader community. More than 70,000 Boston-area families get this newsletter every week, and more of you read it in the Globe. I can’t capture every single voice, but I can try to harness as many of them as I can as we ride this strange train together (not the T).


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Thank you for reading!

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