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Smoky morning commute for passengers on MBTA Red Line train

Riders evacuate T at Harvard Station due to smoke from a mechanical issue
MBTA officials said there was no fire, but the train was taken out of service.

It was a smoky commute for some passengers on the MBTA Red Line this morning.

MBTA officials said the train experienced “a propulsion issue” that forced it out of service at Harvard station around 8:15 a.m. Passengers had to get off the train and found themselves walking through a smoky haze on the subway platform, video showed.

“There was no fire/flames,” Lisa Battiston, an MBTA spokesperson, said by email. “After riders exited the train, it was sent to the Red Line maintenance facility for repairs.”

At 8:10 a.m., a passenger asked the MBTA on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Why is my red line train at Harvard on fire??”


The MBTA assured the individual that there was no fire on the train.

“A mechanical issue did cause smoke to emit from the last car,” the T wrote. “The train has been removed from service.”

Battiston said fans were turned on to help with the smoke.

“Fans within the tunnel were also activated to alleviate the smoke within the station,” Battiston said. “Riders were accommodated by the next train, which arrived about four minutes later.”

This isn’t the first time smoke has disrupted service on the MBTA’s Red Line. In June, a Red Line train broke down and started giving off smoke inside Central station. The next month, firefighters responded to a smoking Red Line train at the Charles/MGH station. And in September, a trash fire in a tunnel outside Harvard station caused smoky conditions and delays.

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