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Beth Teitell



Beth Teitell has been writing features for the Boston Globe since 2007, and joined the staff in 2010. Her beat is “human behavior,” and she is known for writing with a sense of humor, and for exploring the emotional angles of things that wouldn’t seem to have an emotional angle. For example: Her story on “open concept” homes, and how people were starting to miss the walls they tore down, was really about family relationships. She’s covered bidding wars over rental apartments; the anger from Dunkin regulars when the company changed its rewards program; and the men’s quarter zip sweater, and how it’s a way for rich guys to look approachable and approachable guys to look rich. Before joining the Globe she was a columnist and a reporter at the Boston Herald and a writer at Boston magazine. She is the author of two books, “From Here to Maternity: The Education of a Rookie Mom,” and “Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth,” an exploration of our society’s obsession with looking forever young. For years she delivered humorous commentaries on public radio’s popular Marketplace program. She is a seasoned public speaker, and has spoken to groups that have numbered in size from hundreds to literally two people. She is a graduate of Duke University.