On the rights of women 25 years after the Beijing Declaration on Women

Looking inside "The Right to Be Elected," "Launching While Female," "She Proclaims," "No Stopping Us Now," and more.


Claudia Rankine on race, reading, and conversation

Given the mass demonstrations over police violence against Black people plus a president bent on widening the country’s deep racial divide, the author’s new book, “Just Us: An American Conversation,” could not be timelier.


‘Conditional Citizens’ looks at what it means to belong here

Laila Lalami’s new book is an argument for active, equal United States citizenship. Drawing on her considerable talents and abundant intelligence, Lalami attempts to account for the ways that powerful American forces use class status, religion, border policing, national origin, non-whiteness, and gender to diminish and deactivate full citizenship.

‘JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century’ dives deep on the 35th president

Harvard historian Fredrik Logevall situates the rise of a president within the rise of a nation.


Music history, in a minor key, in ‘Adrianne Geffel’

David Hajdu knows music. It makes sense, therefore, that the biographer of Billy Strayhorn (“Lush Life”) and chronicler of both pop (“Love for Sale”) and folk music scenes (“Positively 4th Street”) would set his first work of fiction in this artistic milieu.

Local bestsellers for the week ending September 13

Bestsellers based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.

Virtual author readings for Sept. 20-26

A list of readings taking place in the Boston area.


More exhausting than edgy, ‘Duchess’ lacks staying power

The new six-episode Netflix comedy tries to be raunchy and transgressive, but in the end has no real wit behind it.


Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden on ‘SNL,’ the latest in the show’s long line of political impressions

Lorne Michaels also confirmed that Alec Baldwin will return as President Trump and Maya Rudolph will reprise her well-received impression of vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

New England Literary News

News of a literary bent from around the region. This week's news includes new poetry from Dan Chiasson, a graphic novel about the US Constitution, and a virtual fund-raiser for the Mass Poetry Society.


How the book industry is weathering the COVID-19 storm

Publishing in a pandemic has meant selling online, delivering curbside, touring virtually, being OK with delays, and "reinventing the wheel every day."

How do you tell the story of Beethoven’s life and art?

On the eve of his 90th birthday, the reigning expert Lewis Lockwood has written a history of Beethoven biographies, a genre he knows from the inside.

At this year’s Camden International Film Festival: surveying the Maine coast, tracking down Berlin Wall segments, and targeting suspects overseas

Three recommended films from the online festival are inventive and unique studies of people interacting with their habitat and surroundings.

At New Bedford Whaling Museum, a Wampanoag lens on land and sea

A new show features work by artist, activist, and marine biologist Elizabeth James Perry.


Who wants to be a ‘Kajillionaire’?

Miranda July talks about her new comedy of hearts and heists.


What it’s like at the Toronto film festival when you’re not actually in Toronto

Can you even call it a film festival when there are no festivities?