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‘Out Loud’ pulls aside the curtain on the life and work of Mark Morris

The master choreographer’s memoir offers a sweeping tour of his life, his work, and a legacy that shaped modern dance.

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Paul Theroux goes beyond the border with a deep dive into Mexico

The travel writer offers a complex, contradictory, empathetic picture of Mexico that couldn’t be more vital.

Local bestsellers for the week ending 10/6

A list of bestsellers based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.

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In ‘Olive, Again,’ Elizabeth Strout’s beloved character gets better with age

The magnificent sequel to “Olive Kitteridge” is bleaker, sadder, and more achingly beautiful than its predecessor.

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Finding a middleground through the power of negative thinking

The author of ‘Holding On o Nothing’ will read at the BPL on Saturday, October 19, as part of the Boston Book Festival.

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‘The Man Who Saw Everything’ an exhilarating story, broken in two

History, geography, and emotional tonalities dance together in baffling, exhilarating fashion in Deborah Levy’s new novel.


Greater Boston author readings Oct. 13-19

A weekly calendar of literary events.

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New books by Bill Bryson and Tim Parks offer in and out of body experiences

In a pair of witty and informative books, Bryson pops the hood on the human body and Parks wanders deep into the fog of consciousness