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Latest Headlines in Books


Author readings around Boston June 26-July 2

All author appearances are virtual and free unless otherwise noted.


Local bestsellers for the week ended June 19

Based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.


Sy Montgomery’s latest book delves into the wild world of hawks

“Dinosaurs did not become extinct,” says Sy Montgomery. “They just turned into birds.”

George Lamming, a Caribbean writer who explored the end of colonialism, dies

Mr. Lamming's calling was to address the crimes of history, unearth and preserve his native culture, and forge a “collective sense” of the future.

Jean-Louis Trintignant, French actor of powerful reserve, dies at 91

Mr. Trintignant achieved international renown in the 1960s and 1970s playing an amorous race car driver in “A Man and a Woman,” an enigmatic prosecutor in “Z,” and a closeted gay fascist assassin in “The Conformist.”


A daughter’s tale in ‘Also a Poet’

Ada Calhoun’s breezy, whip-smart new memoir, “Also a Poet,” draws on her childhood among the New York intellectual class. “While I was growing up, famous artists of the era huffed up those stairs to eat dinner around our table,” she writes.


Looking for home in ‘Hurricane Girl’

If I were a character in a Marcy Dermansky novel, I would drive fast down the highway, love orange cats, and be at once monumentally articulate about my inner emotional landscape and deeply estranged from my body. In her latest novel, Dermansky's protagonist starts by losing her house.


He listens to gardening books while he gardens

Bill Roorbach’s new novel, “Lucky Turtle,” follows the wayward path of a delinquent teenager who lands in a reform camp in the Montana wilderness. The award-winning writer lives in Scarborough, Maine. He spoke with us about what he likes to read, and where he reads it.