Latest Headlines in Books

Virtual author readings for Sept. 20-26

A list of readings taking place in the Boston area.

New England Literary News

News of a literary bent from around the region. This week's news includes new poetry from Dan Chiasson, a graphic novel about the US Constitution, and a virtual fund-raiser for the Mass Poetry Society.


How the book industry is weathering the COVID-19 storm

Publishing in a pandemic has meant selling online, delivering curbside, touring virtually, being OK with delays, and "reinventing the wheel every day."

20 books we’re excited for this fall

A list of some of the most promising books on the horizon.


Thrilling to the magic inside the house in ‘Piranesi’

Susanna Clarke’s singular wit and imagination remain intact in a compressed yet still captivating tale you’ll want to delve into again right after you read its sublime last sentence.


Pondering death and intimacy in ‘What Are You Going Through’

Sigrid Nunez’s new novel considers the big questions.


A glimpse of Rushdie’s children in ‘Homeland Elegies’

“Passionate, Disturbing, Unputdownable” is how the author Salman Rushdie describes Ayad Akhtar’s latest novel in a blurb. Indeed, the book, which scampers between memoir and fiction, is all of these things.


In ‘Impersonation,’ a single mom steps into the world of high-powered feminism

Heidi Pitlor's third novel features "a person with privilege working with a person without privilege.”