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Latest Headlines in Books


Local bestsellers for the week ended Nov. 26

Based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.

Six takeaways from Liz Cheney’s book assailing Trump and his ‘enablers’

Former Wyoming representative Liz Cheney's new book offers a rare peek inside the Republican cloakroom at what she heard from her colleagues about “the Orange Jesus,” as one wryly called Donald Trump.


Sylvia Plath’s botanical interests offer a fresh perspective on the poet’s life and work in a Smith College exhibit

'The Bell Jars'' immersive approach stirs up questions about intellectual opportunities for women at midcentury.

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Ben Mezrich’s new book is on Elon Musk and how Twitter broke the billionaire

Fans of Mezrich will recognize his penchant for dramatic narrative nonfiction that Hollywood loves to make into movies and TV series.


Writing the book she ‘didn’t want to write,’ Amanda Peters tells ‘a story for the collective history of Indigenous people’

The author of "The Berry Pickers" found the spark for her novel in her father’s memories.


A dozen thrilling new page-turners to give you goosebumps this winter

With New England-based authors and/or plots, these 2023 releases and new-in-paperback titles enthrall.

Publishers for Palestine organizes global reading event

#ReadPalestine runs from Nov. 29 - Dec 5, offers free e-books, discussion panels


Sam Wasson, author of new Francis Ford Coppola biography, likes a good doorstopper

But don’t ask him to read "Buddenbrooks."