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Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson shine amid the darkness of ‘The Lighthouse’

Robert Eggers, whose previous film was “The Witch,” directed and cowrote.

Movie Review

Angelina Jolie is back as Maleficent — and Michelle Pfeiffer better watch out

“Maleficent: Queen of Evil” is a sequel to the 2014 reworking of “Sleeping Beauty.”

Movie Review

In Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Pain and Glory,’ a filmmaker is on the verge of a nervous comeback

Antonio Banderas plays a famous director working his way through a creative impasse.

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‘The Addams Family’ proves that some families are scarier than others

The latest take on Charles Addams’s signature creation might make for passable Halloween-season viewing, but it works too hard to assert its ghoulish brood’s relevance.

Will Smith in ‘Gemini Man’ isn’t the first actor to play lookalike characters

Twins and clones are sure to test an actor’s mettle.

Coming Attractions

Movie openings and special screenings coming soon to Boston

What’s coming up on the local movies scene.

Ty Burr

10 of pop culture’s legendary self-absorbed monsters

From Captain Queeg to Captain Ahab: making megalomania great again.

In Focus | Peter Keough

In Focus: Eyes on Gaza at the MFA’s Boston Palestine Film Festival

A preview of two documentaries at the annual festival.