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Doc Talk: Russian interference, Cuban oppression, unreal estate

A look at Alex Gibney's "Agents of Chaos," Adriana Bosch’s "Letters to Eloisa," and David Garrett Byars’s "Public Trust."


Janelle Monáe shines in ‘Antebellum,’ where past horror haunts a happy present

Heavy-handed and glibly effective, this post-"Get Out" horror film uses racial issues to enhance genre filmmaking rather than the other way around.


In ‘The Nest,’ a house is not necessarily a home

The second film from the estimable writer-director Sean Durkin concerns a family unraveling in a gloomy Surrey mansion; it’s psychological drama rather than haunted-house horror.

Fred Wiseman’s ‘City Hall’ (as in Boston City Hall) at Toronto film fest

The documentary opened Sept. 14 at this year's virtual festival.


Big screen vs. small screen

The big screen is great, but some good things happen when the pictures are small.

The Academy weighs in on inclusion and diversity

Installing a woke purity test for Oscar nominees does nothing — zilch, nada, bupkes — to affect the movies that get made or awarded.


Paralympic heroes; heavily invested; Andorran doings

Documentaries about the history and achievements of the Paralympics and its athletes; biotech investor David Blech's doings; and accusations of money laundering in the tiny country of Andorra.

‘Avengers’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ star Diana Rigg dies at 82

The British actress became a 1960s style icon as secret agent Emma Peel in the TV series “The Avengers” and starred in spy thriller “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” as the only woman ever to marry James Bond.