Latest Headlines in Visual Arts

Boston’s Illuminus Festival lights up the Financial District with socially minded art

Just in time for the holidays, high-tech installations tackle everything from gender to criminal justice.


At the Portland Art Museum, a hit show raises hard questions about N.C. Wyeth

The beloved illustrator enjoyed a successful career as a commercial artist. Did it kill his dream of being taken seriously?


At North Hill retirement community, an artist riffs on whimsical Mexican folk figures

Nan Hass Feldman's antic paintings, drawings, and mixed-media works were inspired by a visit to a museum in Oaxaca, Mexico.


In Portland, art star Ragnar Kjartansson sets capitalism ablaze with ‘Scenes From Western Culture’

These slickly produced videos have little in common with fan favorite ‘The Visitors.’

At the Davis Museum, Fatimah Tuggar uses tech to deprogram stereotypes

The artist deploys computers and collage techniques to challenge old thinking on work, class, and culture.


At the Peabody Essex, a bystander to art history steps into the limelight

Hans Hofmann doesn’t have the household name of his Abstract Expressionist peers. But what would they have been without him?

Currier Museum of Art now owns two Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Both homes are on the same street in Manchester, N.H.

At the deCordova, unearthing a connection with the ‘beautiful and frightening’ flow of water

Andy Goldsworthy has a major new piece at the deCordova called "Rivers and Tides"