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Latest Headlines in Visual Arts

Documenting Amazonia — and the amazing resilience of the earth

After years of photographing war and famine around the world, Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado turned his lens on the Amazon. He now has two gallery shows in Boston through August.


Pop-up show in East Providence beckons with ‘OddKin’

In exhibition curated by Kate McNamara, artists meditate on making kin and earthly connections.

When a mural is a mirror: In Dewey Square, Rob ‘ProBlak’ Gibbs pays tribute to youth around the city

"It’s long overdue for a local Boston artist to be on this wall," says Audrey Lopez, the Greenway’s director and curator of public art.


I don’t know how we should talk to kids about difficult topics. I just know that art can help.

When I was a child, my parents tried to shield me from painful truths by hiding them. As an art critic, I’ve learned to process the world around me through close looking.


Things and ‘thneeds’ — and what they say about us

‘An Object’s Promise: The Magical Thinking We Attach to Our Things’ examines the syntax of stuff at Fort Point Art Community’s Assemblage Art Space.


Gorgeous trash and radical recycling at ICA’s Watershed

"Revival: Materials and Monumental Forms" is a group exhibition exploring themes of work and waste.


At the MFA, a camera-ready country

"Real Photo Postcards" shows an early-20th-century America in fascinating flux.


You can judge an album by its cover

Some very famous photographers have had their work on some very famous album covers, as an exhibition in London amply demonstrates.