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GameStop to employees: wrap your hands in plastic bags and go back to work

GameStop is allowing customers to make purchases from outside the door and is instructing employees to wrap a plastic bag around one hand, open the door a crack, and take the customer’s credit card, according to a manager at a local store.

Trump seeks to force General Motors to produce ventilators

President Trump has issued an order in an effort to force General Motors to produce ventilators under Defense Production Act.

Dow closes down more than 900 points after three-day rally

The Dow closed down more than 900 points on Friday, or more than 4 percent. The drop came after a three-day rally.

Stocks roar, with Dow spiking 1,300 points, after Senate passes $2 trillion stimulus bill

A dismal unemployment report failed to pop Wall Street’s buoyant mood on Thursday, with stocks running to their third straight day of gains following the federal government’s pledge to shower trillions of dollars on US citizens and commerce.


Stop & Shop hiring, Nordstrom to start furloughs

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World leaders vow to coordinate coronavirus response in video call

The head of the United Nations told leaders of the world’s 20 major industrialized nations during an emergency virtual summit Thursday that “we are at war with a virus – and not winning it” despite dramatic measures by countries to seal their borders, shutter businesses and enforce home isolation for well over a quarter of the world’s population.

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Real estate attorneys push Legislature to allow remote notarizations during pandemic

A coalition of real estate and probate lawyers is pushing for state legislation that would allow law firms to use videoconferencing to complete actions that typically require them to notarize documents.

Widespread computer glitches foil residents filing for unemployment benefits

Problems in the state's computer system are slowing down processing of critically needed unemployment claims.

How much money could you receive from the coronavirus relief bill? It depends on how much you make

How much money might you see from the bill, if it’s passed without changes by the House and signed by President Trump? Here’s a look at what the legislation says.

Italy’s coronavirus cases rise, fueled by infections in Lombardy region

Italy reported its biggest rise in coronavirus infections in the last five days, as the disease spread further in the northern Lombardy region, even after weeks of rigid lockdown rules.

New York death toll from coronavirus up to 385 as of Thursday

Governor Andrew Cuomo reported 100 more fatalities, for a total of 385, as hospitals brace for more. The city is even deploying refrigerated trailers for use as temporary morgues.

3-D printing to the coronavirus rescue? Not so fast.

Hobbyists are scrambling to make substitute protective gear for health care workers, but some in the industry warn the products might not be up to standard.


Waltham company given FDA approval for test kit

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Dow swells nearly 500 points as Wall Street stretches stock rally into second day

But with the coronavirus outbreak unquantified and untamed, many analysts say it’s too soon to declare an end to the weeks-long market slump.