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More Life Sciences Headlines

‘Holding on by its fingernails.’ The biotech industry in Massachusetts braces for another tough year.

Biotech acquisitions, funding, public offerings, and stock prices fell in 2022, sending small companies into survival mode — and hoping for an economic turnaround.

Indian drug maker buys Lexington biotech with promising hair loss pill

Sun Pharma will pay $576 million for Concert Pharmaceuticals, which is developing a treatment for alopecia areata.

Moderna says its RSV vaccine protects older adults

There are no approved shots for RSV, which commonly infects infants and the elderly and has overwhelmed hospitals this winter.

In separate deals, European drug makers buying local biotech firms CinCor and Albireo

AstraZeneca will acquire Waltham’s CinCor for its experimental hypertension pill and Ipsen will acquire Cambridge-based Albireo for its liver disease treatment.

Alzheimer’s drug wins FDA approval after studies show it slows the disease

Questions remain about the treatment, Leqembi, sold by Cambridge-based Biogen and Japan's Eisai, including its safety and whether Medicare will cover it.

Beth Israel researcher wins $200,000 award for helping to create COVID vaccine for J&J

Dan Barouch is being honored by the King Faisal Foundation, based in Saudi Arabia.

Moderna buys small Japanese biotech for its manufacturing technology

The Cambridge company will pay $85 million for OriCiro Genomics.

As decision on new Alzheimer’s drug nears, Biogen aims for redemption

A new therapy for the memory-robbing brain disease, made by Biogen and Eisai, could be approved in early January, despite questions about its safety, potential cost, and availability.