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More Life Sciences Headlines

Biogen pays $900m to settle whistle-blower suit over kickbacks

Under the terms of the settlement, the Cambridge-based drug firm will pay more than $843 million to the US government and more than $56 million to 15 states for overbilling Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs.

Broad scales up as Biogen scales back in Kendall Square

A three-way deal between Broad, Biogen, and Boston Properties will aid the research institute’s expansion while generating roughly $600 million in cash for the drugmaker.

At $3m, Bluebird Bio’s new gene therapy is the most expensive drug in the US

Approval of the one-time treatment for a lethal brain disease marks a crucial win for the Somerville company.


From sports tech to health care, Boston is exporting innovation

At Globe Summit 2022, sports tech CEOs Jason Robins and Will Ahmed spoke about emerging trends, while Harvard and MIT geneticist George Church weighed in on the latest biotech innovations.

Intellia posts promising early results from two CRISPR gene editing studies

Just weeks after patients received infusions of the experimental therapies, they experienced a dramatic reduction in blood markers linked to their diseases.

Crispr Therapeutics becomes the latest biotech to open in the Seaport

The gene editing company has moved from Kendall Square to a headquarters in what is becoming a new life sciences hub.

Biden names Ginkgo Bioworks VP as director of new federal agency

Renee Wegrzyn will head the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, which will focus on biomedical research and innovation.

Nimbus Therapeutics raises $125m to test drug in psoriasis, lupus, and other diseases

The Cambridge company’s new financing comes days after the FDA approved a similar inflammation-reducing medicine made by drug giant Bristol Myers Squibb.