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Latest Headlines in Technology

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen went to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday to testify before Congress.

5 things we learned from the Facebook whistleblower’s testimony in Congress

Frances Haugen, who was a product manager on Facebook’s civil integrity team, told members of the Senate Commerce Committee’s consumer protection subcommittee that the company’s policies “harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy.”

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E-commerce specialist Wayfair lost 16 percent, online marketing powerhouse HubSpot dropped 11 percent, and insurance software developer Duck Creek Technologies fell 10 percent in the past week through Monday’s close.

Bumpy times for local tech stocks

In large measure, the sell-off reflects investors’ waning appetite for the tech sector’s many fast-growing but money-losing companies.

Karin Fronczke, global head of private equity for Fidelity Investments. Fidelity has been investing in late-stage startups like SpaceX, Reddit, Pinterest, and Uber before they go public.

Why Fidelity invests in unicorns: A conversation with Karin Fronczke

The Boston-based executive in charge of scouting private equity deals (think investments in Reddit or SpaceX) joined Fidelity in May of 2020. She's also interested in electric vehicles and data companies.

Akamai's headquarters in Kendall Square.

Boston tech scene continues the deal momentum this week

Here are this week's deals spanning the cybersecurity, computing, and health tech sectors.

Google Pay signage on a smartphone.

Google shelves plans for bank accounts in revamped pay app

The idea was that Google Pay users would be able to use the app to apply for so-called Plex checking and savings accounts from 11 banks.

Senator Richard Blumenthal looked on during a Senate hearing on children's online safety and mental health on Thursday in Washington.

To study Instagram, a senator’s office created an account posing as a teenage girl. Images promoting self-harm surfaced almost immediately

Within a day of Senator Richard Blumenthal and his staff making the profile and following accounts associated with extreme dieting, the Connecticut Democrat said its recommendations were “exclusively filled” with accounts that promoted “self-injury and eating disorders.”

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Alicia Chong Rodriguez, the chief executive officer of BloomerTech.

Power Breakfast: Alicia Chong Rodriguez

Boston tech isn’t just brimming with unicorns and freshly minted billionaires. As part of our innovation newsletter, we’ll sit down over breakfast with founders of early-stage startups getting traction in the market.

Akamai's headquarters in Kendall Square.

Akamai adds to security business with $600 million Israeli acquisition

The Cambridge-based company is buying Guardicore, a 300-employee firm that focuses on fighting ransomware.