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The secret talent of kids who swear

It’s naive of parents to assume their kids don’t know these words, an expert told me. And there’s a silver lining to a salty vocabulary.

John Mulaney to film 3 shows at Boston Symphony Hall for new Netflix special

The comedian is taking his talents to Symphony Hall for three shows in February that will be filmed for a Netflix special, Mulaney announced on Tuesday.

Al Horford’s sister joked on Twitter about LeBron James after Saturday’s Celtics-Lakers game. Irate fans responded with threats.

After the Celtics squeaked out an OT win against the Lakers on Saturday, chaos ensued online — much of it directed at Anna Horford.


Coming to a fork near you: Not-your-average pasta shapes

Sfoglini and podcast host team up to bring back two shapes that have languished in the dusty corners of the pasta canon.


She’s not obsessed — just organized

Bleak winter days are the perfect time to toss random container lids, alphabetize the spices, straighten out the cabinets. Sheryl Julian offers tips to put some order in your kitchen.


Don’t let good food go to waste. Make soup.

Deb Furlong from Millis says there are very few vegetables that cannot be added to a soup pot. Here are her tips.


In N.H., the new Spyglass taproom opens

To date, Spyglass has brewed nearly 200 different beers, an astonishing number in just four years.


It’s Fall River v. New Bedford in a monthlong Portuguese pastry throwdown

The sister cities are engaging in a friendly food fight to see which spot has the best egg tart.


Recipe: Let the good times roll with this vegetarian Po’ Boy filled with crisp, fried oyster mushrooms

This recipe is for Oyster Mushroom Po' Boy from the food section of The Boston Globe.


Chocolate lips, full of goodness. What’s not to love?

Chocolatier Liron Gal of ChocAllure has created a new collection for Valentine’s Day.


Recipe: Nutritious, nutty, toasty farro, baked with butternut squash, makes a fine vegetarian dinner

This recipe is for Baked Farro and Butternut from the food section of The Boston Globe.


Recipe: Top a chicken pot pie with crispy potato slices and you have winter comfort food at its best

This recipe is for Chicken Pot Pie with Crispy Potato Topping from the food section of The Boston Globe.


Manita Bunnagitkarn runs two successful Thai restaurants, serving spicy comfort food

She came to the United States as a teenager, worked under Todd English, and now delights customers with French-influenced recipes, including her favorite curry puffs.


Recipes: A few healthy, delicious dips to lighten up your Super Bowl snack spread

Offering light choices adds variety to the standard Super Bowl menu.


A new branch of Plant CityX to open at Bryant University. But there’s a twist.

The university has partnered with Providence-based vegan food hall and marketplace Plant City to open a fast-food location in a residence hall on its Smithfield campus.

New Kids on the Block announce BLOCKCON, a first-ever fan convention. But it’s in ... Chicago?

On Monday, New Kids on the Block announced it would be hosting a first-ever fan convention in Chicago May 26-28.