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A turkey illustration next to the text: Camberville & beyond.

Cambridge and Somerville

We're diving headfirst into Cambridge and Somerville — and the broader region — because there's a world of news beyond Boston's borders. See the latest news below and sign up for the Camberville newsletter here.

More Camberville Headlines

The Harvard Book Store was expecting a shipment of books. A pallet of boxes marked ‘haddock filets’ arrived instead.

Staff panicked when the boxes showed up at their warehouse earlier this month. But it was just a red herring.

‘Explain Boston to me’: With help from guests, Cambridge transplant’s podcast explores what makes the region unique

Lee Stabert invites local guests onto the show and has them unpack the topics, quirks, and traditions that make the area tick.


At Davis Square’s newest Rosebud incarnation, diner classics mixed with Indian flavors

Inside, everything looks exactly the same, right down to the cherry-red booths and pies in the pie case.

Harvard professors condemn university stance on free speech in open letter

An open letter from professors to Harvard president Claudine Gay urged the university “affirm its commitment to the freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression."

President of MIT announces effort to combat hate on campus amid tumult over Israel-Hamas war

While antisemitism will be the initial focus, the council’s work will also address prejudice and hate against Arabs and Muslims.

Smoky morning commute for passengers on MBTA Red Line train

T riders found themselves walking through a smoky haze at Harvard Station this morning.

Meet the ‘SafetyStick,’ Somerville’s new robotic approach to doling out parking tickets

Somerville officials are trying a new way to curb illegal parking: watching spots with cameras, and sending tickets in the mail.

If the weather cooperates, ‘MIThenge’ will shine on Cambridge campus Friday and Saturday

Twice a year, in January and November, the setting sun perfectly aligns with an 825-foot hallway on the school’s campus, creating a "celestial phenomenon."