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More New Hampshire Education Headlines


On the presidential trail with N.H. voters

In a state where residents once loved to talk presidential politics, it’s hard to get a full name in voter interviews because of fears of retaliation about their views on Donald Trump.


GOP presidential campaign in New Hampshire shows signs of life

Nikki Haley has overtaken Ron DeSantis in the race for second place in the Republican presidential nomination.


Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Live free or die in New Hampshire, a ‘50s book ban with parallels to today, and more.

Carine Hajjar

Chris Christie takes on mission impossible in GOP presidential nomination race

Though it’s not likely the New Jersey governor will win the nomination, the questions he raises about fellow Republicans resonate with New Hampshire voters.


‘What did you learn in school today?’ (asking for a political stakeholder)

Those who are calling for "parents’ rights" are doing nothing of the sort; rather, they are fighting for the right of a small group of people to impose their views on others.


Extreme weather forces New England farmers to be more collaborative than ever

Our farm has bountiful tomatoes and squash but an iffy corn crop. Next door the story might be the opposite.


New Hampshire, please consider Asa Hutchinson

The former Arkansas governor may need Granite State help to make the stage for the second GOP debate.


Manchester needs a unified plan to functionally end homelessness

A mayoral candidate who is an alderman in Ward 2 says homelessness in Manchester is a humanitarian crisis — and should be treated as such.