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More New Hampshire Political Headlines


In New Hampshire, Nikki Haley’s support seems only to be growing

Haley also nabbed a big endorsement this week: Americans for Prosperity Action, the Koch network’s political arm, plans to bolster her candidacy.

Family planning contracts headed back before N.H. council that’s rejected them 4 times

Republicans on the Executive Council have blocked the contracts for Planned Parenthood and other providers, even though the contracts don’t fund abortion services.

Koch network endorses Nikki Haley in Republican presidential primary

The political arm of the powerful Koch network formally endorsed Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign Tuesday, promising to commit its nationwide army of activists — and virtually unlimited funds — to helping Haley defeat former President Donald Trump in the GOP primary contest.

Proposal to legalize marijuana in N.H. advances without study commission’s endorsement

Some proponents of legalization remain optimistic that the “Live Free Or Die” state will end its status as New England’s island of cannabis prohibition.

At Ramaswamy’s side, a doctor who listens more and debates less

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Vivek Ramaswamy was holding court before a crowd at a New Hampshire fair, the second of five stops on a typically busy day of barnstorming, when he did something rare: He yielded the spotlight.


In Rochester, N.H., a win by just one vote

A recount on Saturday concluded Republican David Walker prevailed over Democrat Chuck Grassie after they tied for office a second time.

The New Hampshire primary’s most sought-after undecided voter? Republican Governor Chris Sununu.

Once seen as a potential presidential contender himself, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has become perhaps the state’s most sought-after undecided voter, as well as its most prominent booster.


The ‘artistry’ behind determining N.H.’s presidential primary date

Taking the legal text and operationalizing it takes creativity and finesse, according to the man who crafted the state’s 1975 first-in-the-nation primary law. “That’s how we stay first.”