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More Rhode Island Arts Headlines


Rhode Island PBS, the Public’s Radio announce plan to merge

Pending regulatory approval, the new public media organization will serve listeners and viewers throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts


Ken Block vs. Donald Trump, coming to a bookstore near you

The technology entrepreneur has written what could be a juicy book about his work investigating claims of voter fraud for the Trump campaign in 2020.


Jam Sessions at the Blue Room: Newport Jazz, cool vibes, and plenty of new talent

“We felt like we had more of a responsibility to work year-round to try and cultivate that scene and help highlight the talent that’s here,” said Dan Swain of the Newport Festivals Foundation.


Gamm Theatre’s dark ‘Hangmen’ delights despite the occasional rope burn

Playwright Martin McDonagh clears the path with crisp, razor-sharp dialogue layered with cleverly constructed and wonderfully inappropriate one-liners.


‘You don’t need a multimillion dollar budget’: R.I. director, writer on breaking into TV industry

Brianna J. Cox is a writer, director, and media professor at the Community College of Rhode Island.


Fort Wetherill is a hub for graffiti artists — and might be the DEM’s biggest maintenance challenge to date

Upkeep at the historic property is a Sisyphean task. Sometimes it feels like there’s no end in sight.


For ‘Cosplay Dad,’ Rhode Island Comic Con is a place for full expression

“Even if you’re dressed up as an obscure character, somebody there is going to recognize it and get excited about it, and then you can share your fandom,” Tom Quinn said.


In any role, Matthew Perry’s humanity was never far from the surface

In both comedic and dramatic roles, Perry's vulnerability created an intimacy between actor and audience. Maybe that's why we're so gutted by news of his death at 54.