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More Rhode Island Business Headlines


Chuck E. Cheese will remove animatronic band at all locations except one in California. A teen from Mass. helped save it.

Like others across the country, the company’s Warwick, Rhode Island, spot will also lose its furry band as it undergoes renovations this summer.


Food notes: The East End has a new chef, In Your Ear has a new bar, and more

Here’s what else you should know about Rhode Island’s food scene right now.


Old, unsafe housing across R.I. has a solution: an all hands on deck approach

Deteriorating complexes like Canterbury Village are all over Rhode Island. A former state senate candidate says they are indicative of one of the challenges of tackling Rhode Island’s housing crisis.


In R.I., there’s a lack of dentists caring for patients with special needs. This program is trying to change that.

Dr. Elizabeth Benz is the director of the Samuels Sinclair Dental Center, which was founded with the mission of providing dental care regardless of whether families could pay.

CVS pharmacists are at a breaking point, imperiling company’s reinvention plans

There are not enough pharmacists in the pipeline, and the ones the Rhode Island company employs face a daunting set of challenges.


R.I. attorney general sues Prospect Medical Holdings, says his concern for its hospitals is ‘greater than it has ever been’

Prospect, which owns Our Lady of Fatima Hospital and Roger Williams Medical Center, owes $24 million to vendors, according to court filings unsealed on Friday.


⚾ Bally’s is officially in the baseball business now

MLB owners voted to let the Oakland A's relocate to Vegas in 2028, with Rhode Island-based Bally's leading the development of a 30,000-seat stadium, hotel, and casino.


Some PVDFest vendors to get reimbursed for rained-out festival day

The plan to dole out $500 reimbursements for the cancelled final day of the festival does not include the food vendors.