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Latest Headlines in Politics

And now . . . the Maura Healey vs. nobody primary for governor

State Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz's decision to end her bid raised this question: How is it that in a state full of ambitious and qualified Democrats, primary voters won’t really get to decide between differing visions, life experiences, and plans?

‘We’re talking days.’ Supreme Court decision will put Mass. gun laws at risk, experts say

Currently, Massachusetts law gives local police chiefs discretion to determine whether someone is suitable to have a license. Experts say it won't take long until that provision is challenged. “The next person denied a permit under the Massachusetts law can go immediately into federal court," one law professor said.

A Boston city councilor tweeted about Zionists shaking people down. The backlash was swift.

Kendra Lara, a first-term councilor from Jamaica Plain known for her unabashed progressivism, fired off a tweet Thursday morning saying “y’all are letting the Zionists SHAKE YOU DOWN. phew!”

As record inflation squeezes families, Healey pitches relief plan

Front-running gubernatorial candidate Maura Healey on Thursday unveiled a $400 million plan to expand state tax credits for children, which she said would put more money into the pockets of residents.

Healey campaigns in Western Mass., reiterates commitment to affordable housing

Attorney General Maura Healey took her campaign for governor to Western Massachusetts on Wednesday, picking up endorsements from local officials in Holyoke and emphasizing her commitment to economic development across the state.

Mass. Senate unveils new pay structure, raises for staffers

Chamber leadership announced that it is implementing a new pay structure, one-time 10 percent raises for its staff, and a $50,000 salary floor.

Mass. legislative leaders respond to Biden’s call to suspend state gas tax: No way!

Democratic leaders of the Massachusetts House and Senate on Wednesday rebuffed calls from President Biden for states to suspend their gas tax in the face of rising prices at the pump, arguing any savings are unlikely to be passed on to the drivers who actually need it.

Mass. high court rules ‘millionaires tax’ question was written ‘fairly.’ It goes before voters in November.

The ruling is a victory for labor unions, Democratic lawmakers, and others who’ve spent years pushing the measure to a November vote.