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Pond and lake skating are cherished New England traditions. So far, not this year.

The warm weather has kept Massachusetts ponds and lakes from freezing, and put beloved New England traditions on ice.

Forecast | Dave Epstein

Relief of dry weather arrives in New England this weekend

It’ll be approaching 40 degrees on Friday and then into the 40s on Saturday in Greater Boston and both days will have at least some sunshine, relief from very wet couple of months.

Heavy rain and winds in Massachusetts to affect morning commute

“Some areas could have standing water, and the risk of hydroplaning is there,” said Andrew Loconto, a meteorologist with the weather service in Norton. “It could cause some street flooding where water doesn’t drain very well.”

These maps show how much snow to expect across New England

More snow is in store for New England on Wednesday, with heavy rain and strong winds also in the forecast for Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Forecast | Dave Epstein

Snow and rain are on the way again. Expect a messy evening commute.

The heaviest snow and rain today will be from about 5 p.m. onward.

Snow, heavy rain, and gusting winds are expected to cause more outages today

Snow will arrive Wednesday afternoon in Eastern Massachusetts and will change to rain between 6 p.m. and midnight as the weather system moves south to north. Rain will be heavy at times, leading to possible flooding, and winds could gust to 50 miles per hour.

Here’s what to expect from Wednesday’s storm

Forecasters expect it to snow for most of the afternoon in Greater Boston, bringing about an inch to the area before it mixes with rain and then transitions to solely rain later Wednesday night.

These maps provide a look at Monday’s storm

A strong winter storm moved across New England on Monday, bringing as much as 6 inches to high-elevation areas of Massachusetts and up to a foot of snow to parts of New Hampshire, forecasters said.