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Todd Zuzulo relaxed at the Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester in July.

It was a record-hot summer. Then a (nearly) record-hot September. Get used to it

With four heat waves and a seemingly endless string of sauna-like days, this summer was the hottest ever recorded in Boston. Now it’s been followed by one of the warmest Septembers in decades.

Dave Epstein | Forecast
Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 2 1/2, intently concentrating on the task at hand at Castle Island on a recent afternoon.

And just like that — it’s October. Here’s what the weather will be like

The first few days of the month are looking pretty nice. Sunshine will boost temperatures back into the 60s after a few spots saw their first 30-degree weather of the season this morning.

Forecast | Dave Epstein
A touch of color on Flushing Pond in Westford as fall begins.

Cool fall air has arrived in Massachusetts, a sign that the season is here

For more than three weeks temperatures have been above average, but we've settled into more typical late-September and early-October weather, and the change is a shock to the system.

Dave Epstein | Forecast
Workers unloaded pumpkins at Parlee Farms in Tyngsborough.

Crispy weather is coming, ending a long streak of highs in the 70s

Overnight tonight and during the day on Tuesday a cold front, with a few showers, is going to approach, bringing a stretch of days in the 60s.

Dave Epstein | Forecast
Saturday and at least Sunday morning have the chance to get showers and even downpours.

Get ready for some unsettled weekend weather

This is one of those weekend forecasts that's somewhat frustrating both for those trying to enjoy the weather and for those of us trying to predict it.

Dave Epstein | Forecast
Josh Gluck rests in a hammock on the last full day of summer in Corey Hill Park in Brookline near Coolidge Corner.

The humidity is back for the final hours of summer

Summer officially comes to an end on Wednesday, but the air won’t feel very much like fall.

dave epstein
A Harvest moon rose above the Plymouth Harbor as cormorants are silhouetted as they sat on the rigging of the Mayflower ll ship on Monday.

This year, the Harvest Moon heralds the arrival of autumn

The Harvest Moon is the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox, and is aptly named for the added light given to farmers harvesting their summer crops.

Dave Epstein | Forecast
Today is the least favorable of the next several days with little to no sun and just an isolated risk of a spot shower.

Weekend forecast: Clouds clear for a quintessential fall weekend

Though it looks overcast and gloomy Friday morning, the weekend is shaping up to be a great one.