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7-day forecast for Boston, MA

todayOctober 7
Partly Sunny
Partly sunny79 °/48 °
satOctober 8
Partly Sunny
Partly sunny60 °/44 °
sunOctober 9
Mostly Sunny
Mostly sunny63 °/48 °
monOctober 10
Partly Sunny
Partly sunny65 °/49 °
tuesOctober 11
Sunny67 °/50 °
wedOctober 12
Mostly Sunny
Mostly sunny68 °/56 °
thursOctober 13
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly cloudy66 °/47 °

76°Partly sunny

HIGH 76° / LOW 46°

Partly Sunny
  • feels like75°F
  • humidity51%
  • precipitation40%
  • wind13 MPH W
  • visibility10 MI

Hourly Forecast

Mostly Sunny75°0%7PM
Partly Sunny75°0%8PM
Mostly Sunny72°0%9PM
Partly Sunny69°0%10PM

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Rain expected to continue into Wednesday, falling most heavily in Southeast Mass.

The heaviest rain will be concentrated in a small area crossing Plymouth, Bristol, and Barnstable counties, where already 1 to 2 inches of rain have fallen in communities such as Duxbury, Plymouth, and Carver, according to Torry Gaucher, a meteorologist with the weather service in Norton.

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Will New England feel any effects of Hurricane Ian?

It’s still too early to know whether or not any rainfall gets to Boston. The most likely timeframe would be Saturday night or early Sunday, with the South Coast having the highest likelihood of rainfall.