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Family demands release of evidence in Breonna Taylor’s case

Breonna Taylor’s family demanded Friday that Kentucky authorities release all body camera footage, police files and the transcripts of the grand jury hearings that led to no charges against police officers who killed the Black woman during a March drug raid at her apartment.

Military leaders fret about being drawn into Nov. election

President Trump's hedging on whether he will respect the results of the November election has caused deep anxiety among senior military and Defense Department leaders.

Federal judge bars Trump administration from ending census early

The judge also barred officials from delivering completed population data to the White House on Dec. 31 rather than the April 2021 delivery date that had previously been set.

USPS close to settlement with 19 states on election mail, service delays

The US Postal Service is nearing a settlement with 19 states and the District of Columbia to govern how the agency handles mailed ballots as well as table key pieces of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's controversial cost-cutting agenda, which has been linked to mail backlogs across the country, according to three people with knowledge of negotiations.

Globe Spotlight Investigation

Last Words: Is death the great equalizer?

Quite the contrary, a Spotlight investigation shows. Death exposes in high relief the layers of inequities, in race and income, care and opportunity, that shape life down to its final hours. It is a truth the pandemic has only underscored — one hard to see, because it is so much easier to look away.

Judge says 2020 census must continue for another month

A federal judge has stopped the 2020 census from finishing at the end of September and ordered the count to continue for another month, saying a shortened schedule likely would produce inaccurate results.

Louisville police arrest at least 24 in protest over Breonna Taylor case

Here’s the latest on protests across the country Thursday night after a grand jury’s decision not to indict police officers on criminal charges directly related to Breonna Taylor’s death on Wednesday.

At least 1 hurt in hit-and-run during Los Angeles protest

At least one person was hurt when a vehicle ran into a small crowd of people protesting police brutality in Los Angeles Thursday night, authorities said.