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Bernie Sanders

Bernie SandersDeclared Winner

25.7%76,324 votes

Pete Buttigieg
24.4%72,457 votesAmy Klobuchar
19.8%58,796 votesElizabeth Warren
9.2%27,387 votes

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Donald Trump

Donald TrumpDeclared Winner

85.6%129,696 votes

Bill Weld
9.1%13,787 votesOther Candidates
5.4%8,119 votes
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The powerful Nevada Culinary union just joined Iowa and New Hampshire in failing to offer clarity in a muddled Democratic race

On Thursday, when a powerful Nevada union called a news conference for what would have been the most important endorsement yet in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, it whiffed. The group, Culinary Workers Union Local 226, said it would “endorse our goals” but not a candidate.

Nevada’s Culinary Union will not endorse in Democratic race

The Culinary Union, the most influential union in Nevada politics, has decided to stay out of the state's Democratic presidential caucuses, denying candidates who aggressively courted the group from getting a major leg up in the upcoming contest.

Hackers could alter ballots in widely used voting app, MIT researchers say

An internet voting app that has been used in pilots in West Virginia, Denver, Oregon and Utah has vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to change a person's vote without detection, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bloomberg once blamed end of ‘redlining’ for 2008 collapse

At the height of the 2008 economic collapse, then-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the elimination of a discriminatory housing practice known as “redlining” was responsible for instigating the meltdown.

Senate acts to restrain Trump’s military powers against Iran

The Senate approved a bipartisan measure Thursday limiting President Trump's authority to launch military operations against Iran.

You’re about to start hearing a lot about the delegate count. Here’s how it works

Now that the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary have come and gone, doing their part to winnow the large Democratic presidential primary field, it’s time to start counting delegates.

Hope Hicks returning to White House

Hope Hicks, one of President Donald Trump's most trusted and longest-serving aides, is returning to the White House.

John Kelly criticizes Trump, praises Vindman for actions in Ukraine scandal, report says

Former White House chief of staff John Kelly vigorously defended former National Security Council staffer Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in a speaking event Wednesday, according to a report. Trump quickly responded to Kelly, tweeting Thursday that Kelly “can’t keep his mouth shut.”