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Trump’s lasting legacy grows with Supreme Court decision on Roe

WASHINGTON — President Biden rarely mentions his predecessor by name. But as he spoke to a nation processing a seismic shift in the rights of women, he couldn’t ignore Donald Trump’s legacy.

Supreme Court’s Roe decision disapproved by majority in CBS poll

A CBS News poll suggested that a majority of Americans disapprove of the US Supreme Court’s decision overturning the constitutional right to an abortion, which is inflaming a partisan divide on display in comments by senior lawmakers.

South Dakota governor plans to ban mail-order abortion pills

South Dakota’s Republican governor pledged on Sunday to bar mail-order abortion pills but said women should not face prosecution for seeking them.

Representative Mary Miller calls Roe decision ‘victory for white life’

US Representative Mary Miller of Illinois, speaking at a rally Saturday night with former President Donald Trump, called the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade a “victory for white life.”

Trump’s lasting legacy grows as Supreme Court overturns Roe

“It was three justices named by one president — Donald Trump — who were the core of today's decision to upend the scales of justice and eliminate a fundamental right for women in this country,” President Biden said Friday after the Supreme Court's conservative majority voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

34 Senate Democrats urge Biden to take ‘immediate’ action on abortion

A group of Senate Democrats sent a letter to President Biden on Saturday urging him to take “bold action” on abortion rights a day after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that legalized abortion nationwide.

Decades ago, Alito laid out methodical strategy to eventually overrule Roe

More than three decades later, Alito has fulfilled that vision, cementing his place in history as the author of a consequential ruling overturning Roe, along with a 1992 precedent that reaffirmed that decision, Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Tight bond between Clarence Thomas and his activist wife Ginni raises conflict of interest concerns

Even as Justice Clarence Thomas has found his voice in this emboldened right-wing court, revelations about his wife’s involvement in attempts to overturn the 2020 election could mar his moment and fuel the public’s increasing distrust of the institution.