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Mulvaney walks back comments on Ukraine

Mick Mulvaney’s comments yesterday undercut Trump’s repeated denials of a quid pro quo that linked US military aid for Ukraine to an investigation that could help Trump politically.

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‘We can give the whole nation a lesson if they want.’ How Latinos revived a once-dying Pennsylvania city

This small city has changed considerably over the last two decades, and offers hints about what might happen when swing-state voters decide in 2020 if Donald Trump deserves another term.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry resigning at end of year, Trump says

Perry is under scrutiny over the role he played in the president’s dealings with Ukraine, which are currently the subject of an impeachment inquiry.

Ukraine aid was held up in part over election probe, White House says

The admission from Mick Mulvaney raised questions at the Justice Department and brought swift rebuke from Democrats, who cast his words as an admission of wrongdoing.

US, Turkey agree to a 5-day cease-fire in Syria

The US and Turkey agreed Thursday to a cease-fire in the Turks’ deadly attacks on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, requiring the Kurds to vacate the area in an arrangement that largely solidifies Turkey’s position in the weeklong conflict.

Mulvaney comments about Ukraine enrage Trump advisers

White House and Justice Department officials were angered Thursday after Mick Mulvaney seemed to confirm that President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine amounted to a quid pro quo.

54 percent of US adults approve of impeachment inquiry, Pew survey finds

The Pew study confirms several polls in recent weeks that have shown a majority of Americans now supporting the impeachment inquiry — if not removing Trump from office.

Scenes from the battleground: Pennsylvania

The Globe dispatched reporters and photographers to four crucial battleground states to seek the stories of people and communities and explore what may have changed for them since the last election.