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Peniel E. Joseph

Tyre Nichols and America’s systemic failure

Proposed reforms at the federal level would not have saved the life of Tyre Nichols. Only the fundamental transformation of systems of punishment that have been normalized in American society and culture can do that.

Eric M. Garcia

Will shock treatment finally be banned?

The fact that autistic students are still being shocked at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is unconscionable.


Maura Healey wants to solve the state’s housing crisis. Here’s step one.

On Tuesday, 175 Massachusetts cities and towns must submit plans to tell the state how they’ll comply with a new housing law. The new governor needs to make sure they’re stepping up.

Bina Venkataraman

Are you for real? The most urgent question with artificial intelligence as a new interlocutor.

It’s ChatGPT’s fluency and even eloquence that poses its most imminent threat — it’s difficult to detect mistakes and falsehoods in text that reads like credible news.

David Lat

Big Law’s cancel culture

Ideological uniformity in Big Law, whether on the right or the left, is not a good thing — not for lawyers, law firms, and the rule of law.


Moderna is planning to dramatically raise the price of its COVID vaccine. Biden shouldn’t let it.

As private companies get ready to move COVID vaccines, treatments, and tests to the commercial market, the Biden administration must ensure that these lifesaving tools remain accessible to anyone who needs them.


As any economist can tell Mayor Wu, rent control never works

Wherever it’s imposed, the shortage of affordable housing grows worse.

Stephen Harrop

Academic freedom and adjunct instructors who aren’t so free to speak

We’re seeing more and more examples of adjunct faculty members who have been “un-hired” because of instruction in the classroom and speech outside it.