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Tackling the scourge of ghost guns, preventing the next tragedy a must in 2024

Legislative differences, egos shouldn’t get in the way of needed reforms.

Shira Schoenberg

Campus DEI offices have failed to address antisemitism

Colleges’ responses to Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel highlight struggles of Jewish college students.


Shots fired: Normalizing crime in Boston

We were asleep but the rapid-fire shooting woke my husband and me. I have no idea why (maybe instinct?), but I immediately started to count them in my head: pop-pop-pop — nine clear gunshots.


The migrant crisis is a problem for Democrats and Republicans are happy to exploit it

They want Massachusetts to become a laboratory for what happens when liberal ideology runs up against the social and economic realities of the country’s broken immigration system.


How the tiny band of Beacon Hill Republicans made an important stand for transparency

GOP lawmakers have exposed the arrogant and inefficient way that Democrats have gotten used to doing business in Massachusetts.

Stephen Moore

The merger of JetBlue and Spirit is a net benefit to consumers

The airline industry has thrived in the era of deregulation that began in the late 1970s.

Matt Stoller

Travelers lose in Jet Blue-Spirit merger

The entire industry is focused on eliminating Spirit because that will remove pressure on all of them to lower prices.


If addiction is a disease, why does the probation system treat relapses as a crime?

The revolving door of court-treatment-prison has to stop.