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Columns are written by Globe Opinion staff columnists. Op-eds are written by outside contributors. Both represent the views of individual writers.

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Stephen Moore

The merger of JetBlue and Spirit is a net benefit to consumers

The airline industry has thrived in the era of deregulation that began in the late 1970s.

Matt Stoller

Travelers lose in Jet Blue-Spirit merger

The entire industry is focused on eliminating Spirit because that will remove pressure on all of them to lower prices.


Brookline’s phased cigarette ban is unwise, irrational, and deeply patronizing

The ordinance bans sales of tobacco or vapes to anyone born after 1999 — forever.


¿Qué hay detrás de la batalla en el Congreso sobre inmigración y Ucrania?

Sería un error de los demócratas ceder a las condiciones radicales que los republicanos exigen como precio para aprobar el apoyo económico adicional para Ucrania.


What’s behind the congressional fight over Ukraine and immigration

When Biden tied the new Ukraine aid to border security funds in his spending package, he also opened the door for Republicans to demand unreasonable measures about immigration.

Durwood Zaelke

UN climate talks are in need of a fix

A process that lets a problem grow into an emergency on its watch is not doing its job.


What I found — and lost — while building a typewriter

Piece by piece, I gained patience and confidence I never knew I had.


It’s been another deadly year for the trans community

Hate-fueled brutality continues to devastate families and tragically end trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming lives.