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Renée Loth
People receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at the UMass Memorial Health Care COVID-19 Vaccination Center in the Mercantile Center in Worcester on April 22.

Vaccine hesitancy, or obstinacy?

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations, the conflict between individual liberty and societal responsibility runs deep.

Kimberly Atkins
Police pepper spray protesters July 25 near Seattle Central College in Seattle during a Black Lives Matter protest. A House-passed policing reform bill would federally ban choke holds and no-knock warrants, and place police officers who engage in misconduct in a national database to prevent them from being hired in other jurisdictions.

Bipartisanship at the cost of true policing reform is no real victory

Legislation could preserve the very thing that has shielded officers from accountability: qualified immunity.

Friends Susannah Davis (left) and Madeline Gardner in Griggs Park. Masks are still required in outdoor spots in Brookline.

I’m fully vaccinated. I’m still wearing a mask outdoors.

Vaccinated people wearing masks outdoors are acting out of caution. Stop equating us with anti-maskers.

Ellen M. Burstein and Alan Zhang

Young Americans are facing a mental health crisis and need action

This issue cannot be pushed to the side, and our generation cannot be left to fend for itself.

Jonathan Davis and Shetal Shah

State must close the loophole that permits unvaccinated children into schools

The need to ensure our children are protected, not just from COVID-19, but also from all vaccine-preventable diseases is paramount.

Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming has come under attack from fellow Republicans for rejecting Donald Trump's false claims about fraud in the 2020 election.

Liz Cheney’s challenge to the GOP: Choose the Constitution, not Donald Trump

Republicans, she says, must acknowledge the truth rather than embrace a lie.

Steve Poftak
The 110 MBTA bus is pictured on Chelsea Street in Everett.

The MBTA’s shift to zero emissions for its bus lines is happening

The MBTA will begin procurement of 80 battery electric buses this year, which will enter service starting in 2023.

Shira Doron
Some people wore masks in the Public Garden and some did not on April 30 after Governor Baker eased the outdoor mask mandate.

How to determine your personal risk once vaccinated

The key question I ask myself: Should the worst happen, how will I feel about the decision I made?