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Kimberly Atkins

History will clearly see this existential moment for voting rights. Lawmakers must see it now

Voting rights are being eviscerated by state legislators, the Supreme Court, and the GOP. Lawmakers cannot afford to miss the battle before them.

Michael Calabrese and Lester Salamon

To close digital equity gaps, US should endow a private Digital Futures Foundation

Auctions of government-owned airwaves produce a lot of revenue. A chunk of it should go toward closing digital equity gaps.

Joan Vennochi

Andrew Cuomo has a problem. But why are Democrats pushed to resign?

Once again, we are left to ponder the mish-mash of standards and consequences regarding sexual misconduct.

Linda J. Bilmes and Margaret Bourdeaux

Massachusetts should pay people to quarantine

Paying people to stay home isn’t ‘unaffordable.’ In fact, supported quarantine is both affordable and a good investment of public resources.

Joanne Hilferty, Dan Kenary, and Brooke Thomson

We can’t afford to let women fall through the economy’s cracks

In September, 69 percent of women said the COVID-19 pandemic was keeping them from returning to work for reasons other than downsizing or business closure.


Maine makes age the vaccine metric that matters

The Baker administration says it will consider that approach.

Renée Graham

Andrew Cuomo and the post-#MeToo reckoning that never was

Even if harassment allegations force out the New York governor, survivors know it won’t change an entrenched culture that protects men’s insidious behavior.