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Seth Moulton

Fixing the blatant inequity of Boston transit

International travelers get a taxpayer-supported investment of $130 per person, while the people who power Greater Boston day in and day out get $3.13.

Ro Khanna

America needs a New Economic Patriotism plan

It would consist of a comprehensive set of policy actions designed to restore American manufacturing and technology leadership and a call to respect workers who will help our country achieve that goal.

Joan Vennochi

If he can’t find stolen art, can Anthony Amore find what’s stolen in state government?

Someone had to ask, so I did. The state auditor candidate’s first reaction: It’s “a cheap shot.” But he addressed it anyway with reasonably good humor.


No, Hurricane Ian will not ‘fuel the economy’

It surfaces after every disaster — the fallacy that economic ruin is a windfall in disguise.


Sacheen Littlefeather’s eternal challenge to Hollywood and America

At the Oscars, she didn’t just speak on Brando’s behalf. She voiced the real-world harm of Hollywood’s misrepresentation of indigenous people.

Chris Miller

The chip war is reshaping world politics

It’s been said that data are the new oil, the commodity on which the digital economy depends. Yet there’s no deficit of data in the world, nor do any firms or countries have a stranglehold on data production.

Marina Villa

Our Martha’s Vineyard moments

Many accounts focused on the generosity of the Vineyard residents, and while that’s indisputable, it is my experience that when fear and politics are removed from the equation, people in this country have an immense capacity to treat those less fortunate with kindness and respect.

Victor Shi

There is no home for Asian Americans in the Republican Party anymore

Next month, millions of voters will make their voices heard at the polls. For Asian Americans, this is an opportunity to send a message to Trump and Republicans that we will not tolerate their attacks on us.