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Dollars vs. discrimination on the Greenway

A dispute over maintenance of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is a matter of right and wrong as well as dollars and cents.


The US shouldn’t take military action against Iran

The better policy would be to lower tensions with Iran and then work through whatever diplomatic channels still exist to defuse the war in Yemen.


Cracking down on service dog fraud

There’s an important difference between an “emotional support” dog and a “service dogs.” The law should be clear about which is which.


The Kurds’ blood is on our hands

President Trump’s naive foreign policy abandons American values and risks making an already dangerous region more unstable.


Presidential stonewalling is obstruction

In defying congressional subpoenas, President Trump is also defying the Constitution.


Warren acts fast on complaint, but why the secrecy?

The Warren campaign needs to be more forthcoming about the firing of a senior aide.


How would Democrats clean up after Trump?

Following yet another foreign policy blunder by President Trump, voters deserve to hear more about how Democratic presidential candidates would approach that crucial part of the job.


City and state should stand up for safe injection sites

A landmark court ruling in Philadelphia could — and should — move Boston, and the state, in the direction of allowing safe injection sites.