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The Massachusetts Teachers Association’s misleading anti-MCAS effort

Lawmakers need to deliver a clear “no” to union efforts to end the graduation exam.

A voter filled out their ballot at the BCYF Shelburne Community Center in Roxbury neighborhood on Nov. 3.

A small electorate chooses Boston’s mayors. Let’s change that.

Shifting municipal elections to even-numbered years, so they align with national elections, would boost turnout dramatically.

A police officer receives his COVID-19 vaccination at Gillette Stadium's vaccination site on January 15 in Foxborough. As of last month, 30 percent of State Police had not been vaccinated at department-run sites, indicating that many of them have yet to be vaccinated.

It’s time for employers to impose vaccine mandates

With supply problems behind us, the next hurdle in reaching herd immunity is convincing enough people to actually get the shot. Some workers shouldn’t have a choice.

District lines determine how much power voters’ ballots carry, how much protection incumbent lawmakers enjoy, how difficult it will be for candidates from communities split between districts to run for office, and whether districts truly reflect a community’s demographic complexion.

Home of the gerrymander, Massachusetts should move to independent redistricting

As more states have turned redistricting over to independent commissions, Democrats on Beacon Hill retain their grip on drawing the Commonwealth’s political boundaries.

The Biden administration should seize this opportunity to reach out to a new generation of Cubans — and to a new generation of Cuban-Americans — many of whom are eager to put the old ways and the old grudges aside.

Biden must seize the moment on Cuba

With a new generation in charge, it’s time for a relationship reset.

Army Reserves veteran Honoree Mary L. Anderson was honored with an Outstanding Woman Veteran Award during the Women Are Veterans Too! ceremony at the State House in November 2007. Since Massachusetts’ overall veteran population is far more diverse than that at the Holyoke Soldiers' Home, diversifying Holyoke’s population should be an explicit goal for the future.

Who gets to live in a new Holyoke Soldiers’ Home?

The state’s push to build a new facility in Western Mass. should be secondary to the pursuit of equitable access to long-term care for veterans across the state.

The John Joseph Moakley Courthouse in Boston. We need more federal district and appellate court judges, and the Biden administration and lawmakers on Capitol Hill would be better served by keeping their focus on that.

Pack the lower courts

Forget the question of whether the US Supreme Court should have more justices. Urgent, bipartisan reform is needed elsewhere in the federal judiciary.

A migrant family wearing face masks crosses the border into El Paso, Texas, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Feb. 26. February data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows the Biden administration has continued to use an existing public health rule, known as Title 42, to immediately expel more than 70 percent of asylum seekers and border crossers stopped at the border.

Don’t use public health to rationalize keeping the Mexico border closed to asylum seekers

The Trump administration used COVID-19 as a pretext to close America’s land borders to asylum seekers, a misguided move that President Biden should reverse.