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‘The forest is not safe’: How Lyme disease struck fear into the heart of this nature lover

There’s much to worry about when we go outside: rising heat; disease-bearing ticks and mosquitoes; sharks and superstorms. But when fear keeps us indoors, there’s too much we stand to lose.

Ideas | Stephanie Ebbert

Girls today are seemingly the fiercest America has ever produced. Why can’t we protect them?

In a time of #MeToo and “girl power,” teen girls may seem stronger and more empowered than previous generations. Yet, many remain susceptible to predators.


Big number: Saving the animals

On Monday, the Trump administration announced changes to the landmark act that would weaken the law and make it harder to protect wildlife from increasing threats like climate change.

Ideas | Tony Rehagen

A Holocaust survivor built a remarkable monument to hope and memory. Now that she’s gone, who will remind us?

Who will preserve these memories? Who will warn us of our past, lest we repeat it? Who will keep Eva Kor’s story, and the story of the Holocaust, alive?

Ideas | Amy Crawford

Urban forests are crucial for combating climate change, but planting more trees is easier said than done

Even as cities incorporate trees into their climate change plans, the Forest Service recently calculated that we are losing as many as 36 million urban trees each year.

Ideas | Craig Richard

The blissful and bizarre world of ASMR

Have you ever stumbled upon an hourlong online video of someone folding napkins? Or maybe crinkling paper, sorting a thimble collection, or pretending to give the viewer an ear exam? They’re called ASMR videos and millions of people love them.

Ideas | Sage Stossel

Fixing Boston’s traffic

Boston traffic is a total nightmare. These suggestions could help.