Drive-by political tirade, captured on video, costs man his job

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/File/Globe Staff

An unseasonably early winter storm passed through the region last week. It was isolated to one neighborhood in Belmont — one particular street, in fact — and only one person witnessed it firsthand, so it’s safe to say you probably weren’t caught up in it. Fortunately, though, there is video.

Boston 25 News ran a story about a National Grid worker antagonizing a woman because he didn’t like the bumper stickers on her Subaru. The unidentified man laying on his horn, blaring talk radio and wearing a “Trump 2020” hat (against his employer’s dress code) can be heard telling Belmont resident Jessie Bennett, “I just hate all of your [expletive] on your car.” Bennett’s bumper stickers expressed support for Elizabeth Warren, national parks, and LGBTQ rights, among other things. As of Friday, the man is no longer employed by National Grid, showing once again that shouting “Freedom of speech!” into the void is no immunity from the consequences of stupid utterances.


Isn’t it ironic when supporters of a political movement that sanctifies antagonizing “snowflakes” — that is, whomever they deem the slightest bit progressive — get this upset by a few non-inflammatory words on another person’s car? The real “snowflake” in this case just lost his job. How’s that for a dud of a storm?

William Vaillancourt