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Latest Headlines in Letters

Representative Bennie Thompson (D-Mi­ss.) chairs the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot on Dec. 13, 2021.

Without subpoena push, Jan. 6 investigation is going nowhere fast

Congress must use its subpoena powers and the courts to the full extent to enforce its constitutional authority to investigate the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) rides the Senate subway following a weekly Republican policy luncheon on Jan. 11 in Washington.

McConnell’s take on all things un-presidential seems a mite un-senatorial

I’m stunned that, having lived through the four years of the Trump presidency, he chooses to find a speech on voting rights by President Biden as the moment to use the term "profoundly un-presidential."


You can take your @%#! Protestant work ethic

As a young person, I felt insulted and angry whenever I heard or read the term because I knew how hard my father worked for little money and no recognition.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is met by police officers as she leaves her home in Roslindale, where several protesters had gathered outside to demonstrate against the city's vaccine mandate.

The protesters are outside the house

Readers react to a front-page story about protests outside Mayor Michelle Wu's home over the city's COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

The Department of Justice building in Washington on Nov. 13, 2021.

Ex-prosecutor’s comments raise questions about pursuit of justice

Andrew Lelling, former US attorney, gives the impression of capriciousness and lack of fairness in applying the law, in which some offenders are charged because of timing or politics but others are let go.

A pier in East Boston on the Chelsea Creek on Nov. 29, 2021, shows watermarks from high tide that could signal future flooding into the neighborhood.

Mass., New England seen as a kind of ground zero in climate fight

Readers weigh in on climate change issues, from forecasts of a fast-warming region to ambitious green energy plans outlined by candidates for Massachusetts governor.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu pauses to stop and chat with an MBTA employee as she makes her way to the Orange Line at Forest Hills Station to commute into City Hall on Jan. 11.

Sizing up Mayor Wu’s push to make the T free

Readers react to David Scharfenberg's Jan. 9 Ideas cover story.


Russia, China holding mirror up to US, and it’s not pretty

We need to develop less aggressive strategies to challenge our imagined and real enemies and work with our allies with an aim of diplomacy first and military options (if necessary) second.