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Ex-president of Interpol is sent to prison for bribery in China

A former senior Chinese police official who also served as president of Interpol was sentenced on Tuesday to 13½ years in prison for bribery, in a case that his wife has denounced as stemming from a political vendetta.

Changing tack, French strikers turn off power to press government

Opening another front in their battle against the French government, protesting workers cut power to thousands of Parisians on Tuesday, plunging homes into darkness and shutting down trains to one of the capital’s main airports.

Iran acknowledges it fired 2 missiles at Ukrainian jet

It also appeared to walk back a promise to send the jet’s data recorders abroad for analysis, asking the United States and France to send the necessary equipment to Iran instead.

Big changes? Or maybe not. Putin’s plans keep Russia guessing.

Nobody knows what’s going on inside the Kremlin right now. And perhaps that’s precisely the point.

As virus spreads, anxiety rises in China and overseas

Face masks sold out and officials at airports and train stations checked passengers for fevers as China on Tuesday sought to control the outbreak of a new virus that has reached four other countries and territories.

Iran acknowledges Russian-made missiles targeted Ukraine jet

The country acknowledged on Tuesday that its armed forces fired two Russian anti-aircraft missiles at a Ukrainian jetliner that crashed after taking off from Tehran's main airport earlier this month, killing all 176 people on board.

Putin outlines political overhaul, including possible post for himself

By proposing to empower a toothless advisory body, Russia’s president set off new speculation about his own long-term plans.

China confirms new coronavirus spreads from humans to humans

The disclosure increased pressure on the Chinese government to contain a growing public health crisis, just as China enters its busiest travel season of the year.