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Lois Torf, print collector who helped MFA ’set the highest standards,’ dies at 93

Lois Torf "understood artists," said Matthew Teitelbaum, director of the MFA.

Tommy DeVito, original member of the Four Seasons, dies at 92

Tommy DeVito was, in his own words, “a hell-raiser” as a youth, but he found a purpose with music.

Tommy DeVito, founding member of the Four Seasons, dies

Tommy DeVito, a founding member of the 1960s Four Seasons band, has died from the coronavirus at the age of 92, NJ.com reported.

Robert S. Graetz, rare white minister to back bus boycott, dies at 92

Defying the menacing of the Ku Klux Klan, intimidation by the authorities, and isolation among fellow clergymen, the Rev. Graetz remained a rare, unbowed voice among white leaders for desegregation.

Robert Gore, company president and inventor of Gore-Tex, dies at 83

In October of 1969, Robert Gore was a chemical engineer performing low-tech experiments. With one frustrated jerk in motion on a heated material, he discovered the basis for a fabric that's become ubiquitous in rain protection.


Jack Kelley, who led BU to back-to-back national hockey titles, dies at 93

Mr. Kelley also led the then-New England Whalers to the first Avco World Trophy.

Kathleen Bruyere, Navy captain who helped win right for women to serve at sea, dies at 76

Joining a military branch steeped in a tradition of "iron men in wooden ships," Kathleen Bruyere went on to become a trailblazer for women in the Navy, rising to the rank of captain, shaping policies on sexual discrimination and working to expand opportunities for women to serve "not for self but for country," in the words of the Navy's unofficial motto.

Henrietta Boggs, southerner who spread her wings, dies at 102

At every turn Ms. Boggs challenged the segregated and patriarchal society in which she was raised. As a youth, she cut church on Sundays and sneaked off to the drugstore for Cokes and cigarettes. As a young woman traveling in Latin America, she wrote to her hometown newspaper, The Birmingham News, with detailed descriptions of the poverty and deprivation she witnessed.